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Anti-HIV Test 1/2 Pack 50 pcs Professional use

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Single-phase Test for the qualitative determination of antibodies to the HIV 1/2 virus in serum or plasma.

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) Type 1 and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-2) Type 2 are the etiologic agents of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). According to the data obtained, the infection of the HIV virus occurs through sexual intercourse, with exposure to the infected blood (including the products such as infected syringes and needles) or for the child by the mother during pregnancy. The significance of detecting antibodies to HIV 1/2 in the blood, is that you have been exposed to the HIV 1/2 virus.

This test is a device that detects antibodies to the HIV 1/2 virus in human serum or plasma. It is only a tool to detect antibodies produced by the immune system against HIV 1/2. If successful, the result must be confirmed by other tests, such as the Western Blot and Elisa. This rapid test is also highly specific against antibodies to HIV 1 and HIV 2. Since HIV antigens are used as a "gripper" in the test device, this is capable of detecting any class of HIV antibodies.


The anti-HIV 1/2 test is based on the immunocromatographic principle. The test device includes the sample well with the reactive area of the test. The sample is held by a permeable membrane. The membrane consists of three areas. The first area consists of colored colloidal gold that becomes more sensitive with HIV antigens and this area becomes mobile, interacting with the added sample. The second area is the one that contains recombinant HIV antigens (test band). The third area (control band) also includes stable control antibodies on the membrane. If there are anti-HIV antibodies in the specimen, the HIV antigen constitutes a compound with colloidal gold conjugate. So this compound is retained by the test band by making a red band appear.

Non-bonded colloidal gold particles continue their capillary movement until they are close to the control band on the membrane. The latter bind in this point to form the Red Control band and, as a result of this, attest to the validity of the test result.

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