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Snail Slime

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Snail Slime

Discover the characteristics of snail drool.

To facilitate their movements, snails continually secrete burr: This allows them to “slip” on the belly moving more quickly. Not only that, the slime soothes and cicles the small wounds that the snail obtains during the displacements. It also allows snails to remain attached to vertical surfaces. More and more often we hear about snail drool as a product “miraculous” for the skin: smoothes out expression wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and lightens skin stains!

The properties of snail slime

  • Nutritious
    It is rich in vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids: a real supplement for the skin!
  • Anti-Wrinkle and rejuvenating
    It allows to slow down the progressive skin ageing, making the tissues more tonic and elastic. In addition to alleviating wrinkles, it makes scars, skin stains, burns and other blemishes less visible.
  • Peeeling
    It contains glycolic acid: a substance that gently exfoliates the superficial layer of the skin, and stimulates the formation of collagen, making the skin brighter.
  • Purifying and anti-acne
    It contains peptides and glycolic acid: substances that prevent the accumulation of impurities and facilitate their elimination.
  • Antioxidant
    It is rich in vitamin C, which contrasts the action of free radicals.
  • Moisturizing
    Being rich in proteins, this substance promotes tissue oxygenation and hydration.

Thanks to all its properties, the snail’s burr extract is increasingly used in cosmetics, and the snail drool creams are increasingly widespread.

Recipe: Snail slime Cream

You can prepare in the house a simple cream to the snail burr DIY, economical and effective!


  1. Collagen and elastin base cream with nourishing action Filler 100 gr
  2. Snail slime 20 ml

Weigh 100, 20 grams of base cream and add a spoonful of the snail burr, for a more intense cream, it is also worth adding another 20ml of slime.

You will then get a rich cream ideal for skins from normal to dry, for oily skin better to use directly the burr with its dropper.


Place of production Italy
The entire production process, from the cultivation of vegetation to the reproduction of mares, takes place entirely in Italy and, in particular, in a unique and pristine environment of the Lucca Apennines. The extraction of burr, made in conditions of temperature and humidity suitable for the snails, does not affect in any way the well-being of them, which are placed immediately in the kennel without suffering any damage or stress.

Store in well-closed containers, protected from light and humidity.
Exposure to temperatures above 60°c may degrade the active components of the product.

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