Eutectic Plates 2 °-8 ° C pack of 40 pcs

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Eutectic Plates 2 °-8 ° C.

Eutectic Plates for maintaining the temperature of the fresh and frozen inside the isothermal containers or thermal boxes. Produced in polyethylene resistant to low temperatures and thermal shocks, smooth surface and easy to wash and sanitize. Eutectic plates are an indispensable element of the equipment of any isothermal container in case of transport cycles exceeding 2 hours.

Use Eutectic Plates:

Place the eutectic plate at least-18 ° C minimum 24 hours before. When removed from the freezer and used in a container hold the plates 20 minutes at room temperature before inserting them into the bag. Never Contact the product to be chilled or insert the eutectic plate in a heat-sealed bag.
To get the best performance keep at 5°c less than the melting point temperature. Eg. If 2 °c hold at-3°c for 48 hours.

Color Change Information:

Eutectic Plates

The eutectic plates Colour change, are identical to the transparent product, the package is composed of eutectal plates mixed with the variation of the colour during the blowing phases of the eutectics plate.

Custom Product:

We offer the production service of the personalized plates with your mark stamped on the eutectic plate of the desired colour.


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