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Argan Oil

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Argan Oil

We know the desert gold.

Argan oil has been the secret of the Berber populations of Morocco for decades.
This oil is obtained by squeezing the fruit of the Argania spinosa and its great potential is known as the “Desert Gold“. In addition to the great potential in the cosmetic field, it is also used in cooking as vegetable oil to combat bad cholesterol.

The indispensable properties of Argan oil.

  • Antiage
    It has a high content of tocopherols, vitamin E and flavonoids that counteract skin ageing!
  • Elasticising
    The polyphenols make the skin elastic and soft to the touch.
  • Strengthening
    For nails and hair.
  • Healing
    It contains fatty acids which, by guaranteeing an increase in cellular renewal, accelerate the healing.
  • Nutritious
    It easily penetrates the different skin layers, absorbs quickly and not unge.

Recipe: Strengthening bath for nails.

The fragile nails, which flake in contact with the external environment, represent a very widespread problem. We can strengthen the body of the nail and improve its appearance with this cosmetic recipe DIY, simple but super effective!


  1. Argan Oil
  2. Lemon juice

In a container we add the two ingredients in equal parts and immerse the ends of the fingers for at least 10 minutes. We repeat the treatment once a week, for at least two months. In cases of severe fragility, it is preferable to use every evening, with the help of a cotton bud, the Argan oil as it is on the nail.

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