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Sodium hypochlorite 14-15% pack of 1Kg

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Sodium hypochlorite at 14-15% is the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid. Its chemical formula is NaClO.

Diluted in a variable way from about 14% to about 15% in watery solution, straw yellow and with characteristic penetrating odor.

Uses sodium hypochlorite

For its oxidizing action, in addition to being used as bleach and disinfectant.
In organic chemistry it finds applications as an oxidizing agent, for example in Jacobsen epoxy.

Sodium hypochlorite precautions

Bleach and various sodium hypochlorite solutions are irritating and caustic; therefore it is good to handle them using a pair of rubber gloves and taking care to avoid contact with the eyes. In addition, they should not be mixed with hydrochloric acid (mouse acid for domestic use) with which they develop chlorine, toxic substances, nor with ammonia with which they develop chlorammines, irritants, nor with ethanol. Sodium hypochlorite solutions are sensitive to heat and have a limited lifespan.

The stability and quality of the product is a strong correlation

The sodium hypochlorite solution has a stability over time dependent on various chemical and physical factors. These include the concentration of free residual NaOH from the production process, the quality of raw materials or gas chlorine and soda. In fact, high purity raw materials will determine a high quality product.

According to the 2017/1273 EU Enforcement Regulation 2017/1273, this product cannot be used for biocide applications.

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