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Giemsa stain Solution

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Giemsa stain Solution

The Giemsa stain Solution is a mixture of two dyes. The first will involve a pink/red coloration, the second will result in a blue/grey coloration.

Procedure of Use:

Methodical staining of cell types in blood smears and bone marrow. The method includes the use of the May Grünwald solution.
Preparation of Giemsa working solution: 1 part of Giemsa stain Solution STOCK + 9 parts of double distilled water

Staining procedure:
1. Preparation of smear on slide.
2. Use the May Grünwald solution for the colouring of the nuclei in blue and the basophil cytoplasm in red-pink according to the technique chosen.
3. Wash with distilled water.
4. The second phase involves the use of the Giemsa solution, previously mixed, to increase the intensity of the staining of the cores and selectively highlight the cellular elements.
5. Wash with distilled water.
6. Let the slide dry in the air

The red blood cells will present a violet (clear)/greyish coloration. Neutrophils that are part of Granulocytes will have the blue/violet nucleus, basophils have the nucleus hidden by granules that have been stained with blue, eosinophils such as basophils, have the nucleus hidden by red granules. The lymphocytes that are part of the Agranulociti, have a very large nucleus of blue color, the monocytes are the largest of all and have a blue nucleus.

In the final evaluation it must be considered that the colourings are strongly influenced by the pH of the washing solutions and the dilution buffer, moreover the intensity of the staining can vary according to the time of differentiation.

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