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Formaldehyde 24% 1 Lt product for professional use only

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Formaldehyde 24% ant information:

Formaldehyde 24% (or aldehyde ant, name IUPAC: Metanale) is the simplest of aldehydes. Its chemical formula is CH2O, its CAS number is 50-00-0. In aqueous solution 24% is commercially known as formalin.

Restricted Terms of sale:

Dear Customer

This is to inform you that Reg. 2018/675, published on 4 May 2018, inserts many CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) into the appendices of annex XVII, with effect from 1 December 2018. It is the exception of formaldehyde, for which the restriction is already applicable from 25 May 2018. Restriction 28 and/or 29 and/or 30 of annex XVII of REACH apply to these substances. Therefore the sale is only allowed to the professional users who purchase with invoice, all the other transactions will be cancelled.

Information of Formaldehyde 24%:

Formaldehyde 24% or aldehyde ant is a potent bactericide; For this reason, aqueous solutions containing it are widely used as disinfectants for household use; In the production of fabrics at industrial level is used as a bactericide. Aldehyde ant solutions are also used to store samples of biological material. It finds also extensive use in the techniques of embalnization.

It is also used in aqueous (formalin) solution for the production of vaccines, either to produce anatoxins (or toxoids), i.e. toxins that lose toxicity but maintain immunogenicity, from bacterial toxins, and to produce vaccines based on Microorganisms killed.Aldehyde ant

The majority of the formaldehyde produced is destined to the production of polymers and other chemical compounds.

By reaction with phenol polymerizes by giving the Bathite, a thermo-hardening resin. In a similar way it reacts with urea and melamine, whose resins are used as plastic laminates, adhesives and insulating foams.

Formaldehyde is also a reagent used to produce other organic compounds; Many of them are polyols, such as Pentaeritrite.

Among food additives is identified by the initials E 240, and is used as a preservative. In fact it is present in the wood smoke and is, together with the polyphenols, responsible for the preservation of the smoked foodstuffs.

Formaldehyde 24%, together with urea, is used as glue varnish of chipboard, melamine-faced or Medium-density fibreboards (MDF) panels; It is also contained in the soundproofing panels of the countertops and in the partitions of the open space offices. Over the years it tends to evaporate into the surrounding environment.

It is used for the production of Isoprenol.

In the textile dyeing is used in the application with the naphtholes to give more stability to the naphtolic solutions and in the subsequent treatment of some dyes obtained with direct dyes with the aim of improving the solidity to the water and the washings in general .

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