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Vegetable Charcoal Food Powder

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Properties of charcoal Vegetable powder

The charcoal vegetable powder is used as an antitoxic, thanks to the ability to adsorbed and retain most of the poisons forming a complex that is eliminated from the digestive tract without being absorbed.

The administration of charcoal, represents the classic strategy of intervention in case of poisoning by fungi. It is primarily used in the treatment of acute oral poisonings due to its ability to reduce the systemic absorption of ingested substances.

Poor vegetable Charcoal is also used in the dietary preparation of some clinical examinations (ultrasound of the upper abdomen), to adsorde the intestinal gases that would prevent their correct interpretation.

The adsorating Properties against liquids, hydrogenions and gases, make the charcoal a supplement particularly used in the presence of aerophagy, diarrhea, meteorism and flatulence, thanks also to the mild disinfectant effect at the level Intestinal.

The clinical usefulness is however controversial because it is not necessary to forget its ability to Adsorp not only gases and liquids in excess, but also drugs (which should not be taken in the range between 30 minutes before and 2 hours later).


Traditional indications

  • Intestinal Problems, abdominal dilatations, gas, difficult digestion
  • Bad Breath
  • Aerofagie, Meteorism
  • Dyspepsias with gastric and intestinal fermentations
  • Gastritis, Gastric hyperacidity
  • Diarrhea, putrid diarrhea, colonites
  • Food poisoning, alkaloids, phosphorus and arsenic

Associations, ways of use and examples of formulations

  • Intake doses normally recommended as antifermentative/Antiputrid are about 1/2 grams per day. In the case of Meteorism, Aerophagy and flatulence, the Association of Plant charcoal with plants or extracts with carminative action has been proved effective, such as fennel, coumino and coriander.
  • The average dose as an antidote, equal to 50 g, this is considered useful especially in acute intoxications, but it can be very useful also a few hours after the ingestion of the junkie.

Indications in the Food field

In the food field is used as food coloring E153, a product obtained from coconuts of the highest quality, ideal for bakery products substitute for bread (black pizza, pizza with charcoal), for baked goods and in the dairy sector.

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