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Active Carbon Powder 900 gr high absorbing power

COD N0013A Categoria

15.00 IVA compresa


Specific active Carbon

Activated charcoal can be defined as a carbon-rich product to remove dyes or odorous substances from liquids, or to absorb gases or vapours according to their specificity. The origins of the activated charcoal can be various, mostly they are vegetal. The active oenological coal is a vegetable charcoal with a high adsorating power, obtained by an appropriate treatment without the use of impregnating materials, it presents as tasteless and odourless black powder.

In relation to acids, carbons demonstrate selectivity since the most absorbed is the AC. tannic, on nitrogenated substances come to absorb up to 26% of their total, pectic substances are adsorbed up to 20% of the total, against volatile ethers have an adsorption activity up to 10%, finally the iron is very sensitive and It is adsorbed in considerable quantities.

  • The activated charcoal possesses a high adsorent activity of the odors and the anomal flavours of the must.
  • From 50 to 100 Gr. For HL for Bleach action.
  • Dosage Tests and final check on the product are suitable for harvesting
  • Dissolves the product directly in the product
  • It is necessary to mix them well for maximum contact carbon particles/must.
  • For the very colored flowed or musts the doses increase.
  • Product of vegetable origin with low heavy metal content.


The main uses of activated carbon are:

Available formats:

Jar of 900 GR

Jar of 500 GR

Product packed in sack and placed in a jar, it allows a correct preservation of the product keeping the product’s effectiveness unchanged.

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