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Rock Alum/Potassium alum

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Rock Alum/Potassium alum

The Rocca alum (potassium alum) is a mixed salt of aluminium and potassium with antiperspirant action. At room temperature, it is solid, colourless and odour-like. For domestic use it is used for its deodorant, astringent and hemostatic properties. It is often presented as a natural deodorant, to be used as an alternative to products commonly sold.

To recognize potassium alum, check that the formula KAl (SO4) 2 • 12h2o is present on the packaging. The potassium alum is also used at industrial level, for example in the textile sector, to fix the colours. In the past, the fields of the Tolfa mountains have represented the most important quarries in Europe for the extraction of potassium alum.

How to use the Rocca alum (potassium alum)

Simply pass the alum of Rocca after a shower on the wet body, or wet the stone and massage on the critical points of sweating such as armpits, feet, groin: In this way they settle on the epidermis of saline microparticles that create a Environment unsuitable for bacteria formation, origin of bad smells. At this point you just have to wait a couple of minutes the complete drying… And since you’re there why not perfume the stone?

When the rock alum is still wet, spread a drop of essential oil on the surface, spread well and then put it to dry. The next time you use it, the stone will leave a very delicate perfume on the skin.. But don’t forget to recharge it every time!

The potassium alum is not suitable for those who are allergic to aluminium.

On the market there are several forms of potassium alum: from raw stone crystals to more processed products and already available in stick form, to the most recent spray deodorants. Shopping is modest and you’ll buy a product that will last years.

Cosmetic Description:

This particular crystal rich in potassium and aluminium salts is endowed with astringent, hemostatic and antiperspirant characteristics. Excessive sweating with the advantage of not giving any fragrance but simply eliminating the bad smells. For this reason, the Rocca alum is particularly suitable for very sensitive, irritable, allergic skins that do not tolerate perfumes or preservatives. All this does not alter the natural pH of the skin.

Its astringent and hemostatic characteristics make it ideal to help the healing of small cuts or abrasions after shaving. In this regard, it is recalled that since the last century this crystal in the form of small sticks was used to eliminate the causes of skin irritation after shaving and to dab the cuts of the barber’s razor with almost immediate results.


As a hemostatic in shaving, soak the crystal with water and pass gently over the affected area. As antiperspirant, wet with water and pass gently under the armpits or on other areas to be treated (hands, feet etc.). It is also useful to eliminate unpleasant smells from the hands, like fish, garlic, onion etc. Rubbing the crystal under the tap between your fingers. Finally it can be used as a natural antiseptic and, if wet and past
On the body, to ward off the mosquitoes.

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