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Aloe Vera Pure Natural Juice

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ALOE VERA JUICE Information:

Aloe vera is made using the central part of the gel obtained from the leaf of the plant Aloe barbadensis Miller. The gel is delicately treated, the pulp is removed and stabilised. This product has obtained the quality seal of the Aloe Science Council, IASC certification.

Botanical name: Aloe barbadensisi Miller

INGREDIENTS (INCI): Aloe barbadensis Gel

Appearance: Liquid

Aloe Vera Gel, liquid, extracted directly from the gelatinous part of the plant, high concentration of nutrients.


Anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming, moisturizing, anesthetic, refreshing, cicatzing, antibiotic, vegetable active.
This product is used as a natural additive in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, face creams, body creams, energy drinks and nutritional.

Use: Cosmetic, food

The gel being a natural juice, can slightly vary in color. Also with the passage of time they can settle on the bottom of small particles of fiber.

For food use, shake well before use, intake 25-75 ml per day, store once opened in the refrigerator.

Aloe Vera: Tips for use

First you have to specify that the Aloe vera is used mainly under two forms: drinking juice or gel for outdoor use. This plant is then often present inside products for personal hygiene and beauty therefore creams, shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste, etc. The Aloe Vera, both in the form of juice and gel for outdoor use, is a very versatile natural product that would be good to always keep in the house ready to use at need. Here are some tips to use aloe vera properly:

To strengthen the immune system

If you want to be stronger especially in view of the cold season when it is easier to contract colds and flu, you can naturalAloe veraly stimulate the immune defenses by taking aloe juice. Choose a product free of aloin (irritating substance) obtained from 100% Aloe Vera and follow the recommended dosage on the package or ask an expert for help.

For digestion and purification

One or two measuring cups of pure aloe vera juice can be taken every day to help the digestive and intestinal system in its functions (it can also improve a possible constipation). At the same time, Aloe supports the work of the liver and helps the purification of toxins, so it can be used cyclically also for this purpose, however, associating a healthy diet and increasing the daily amount of water.

On burns, insect bites, bubbles, erythema, etc.

Keep an Aloe vera gel at your fingertips to cope with the most common skin problems: insect bites, blisters, pimples, sunburns, erythema, etc. The soothing and regenerative power on the tissues of this plant will allow to solve annoyings and burns by accelerating among other things the healing.

Against dry Hands

Given the moisturizing power of Aloe Vera, the gel can also be used instead of the normal cream in case of dry and cracked hands. The same use can be done for the dryness that appears in other areas of the body.

For the health of the oral cavity

Given its antibacterial power, the aloe vera juice can also be used to rinse the oral cavity in case of Aphte and gingivitis. It also helps to counter plaque.

For hair Care

Even the hair can benefit from the use of Aloe Vera, especially in the case of dandruff. A plant-based compress to apply a few times a week can help alleviate or fix the problem. You can also use it instead of the conditioner to make your hair shinier.

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