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Boric acid in pure powder

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Boric Acid, or orthotic acid, often used as an antiseptic, insecticide, disinfectant, has always found widespread use in the pharmaceutical field, where it is used in products to disinfect irritated and cracked skin or in case of minor skin burns. 

Boric acid

Guide to use as an insecticide for cockroaches and other insects:

Orthobic acid is useful against ants, cockroaches and other animals of the same class, intervening with their own qualities of insecticide, on survival. It Turns out to be a more practical and safe mode, compared to the use of other insecticides, thanks to the powdered forms that exploit its high solubility.

Boric acid as it is used

Mix with water to obtain a homogeneous solution in spheres to be applied to the areas of interest. This particular approach, able to attract insects in the transport of the substance to their nests, is particularly recommended to eliminate cockroaches that, like the other insects of the class of arthropods, are difficult to extinguish if not By tiring out the shelters so you can intervene at the base with an insecticide, such as boric acid, effective and practical to use.

Preparing the Slime

When you want to prepare the slime in the house, looking for the recipe is often found one that contains boric acid. It Would be better to find alternatives, not being a completely harmless substance.


The toxicity emerges in particular in cases of accidental ingestion: the latter is generally confused with others by the formulation, exchanging it with other medicinal classes in the formula in powder and in the case of boric water. The effects of boric acid are diversified according to the type of absorption. The effects are identifiable in the symptoms: vomiting in blue-green staining, diarrhea, hemorrhage, mental confusion, hypotension and shock. The worst reaction, however, is that visible in the neurological field: the central nervous system has convulsion, headache, irritability to complex cases such as coma, but in a mild form in the depth scale of Glasgow.


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