Double Distilled water

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Double distilled water

Double Distilled water is a water free of dissolved salts with low conductivity. Its chemical formula is H2O.
This type of water is particularly suitable for use in all machines and tools that use water to perform their function, avoiding the formation of limestone residues that affect their functionality. Bidistilled water has a conductivity significantly lower than distilled water.

Uses double distilled water

    • In autoclave
    • Used in the laboratory for the treatment of the whole glassworks
    • Reconstitution Reagents
    • Production of colouring Solutions
  • Machines using water
  • Household appliances using water
  • Batteries

Preservation of double distilled water

The double-distilled water to remain such must be isolated as much as possible from the external environment.
In fact, due to the good solvent capacity of the water, if exposed to the air, it quickly dissolves part of the present carbon dioxide, quickly bringing the value of the PH distilled water to 5-6.
Moreover, being an extremely greedy substance of ions, it must be conserved in containers of plastic material (such as polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon), or in lack of borosilicate glass or quartz. The common glass, although it has a quartz-like structure, cannot be used as it is a source of metallic ions and anions.

Advantages of the 10 Lt Bag-in-Box system

  • Product protection
  • Dispenser with faucet
  • Professional product suitable for the laboratory, compared to the classic plastic tank

Double-distilled water

Advantages of the 20 Lt Cubitainer ® System

Cubitainer ® are cubic-form liquids containers consisting of two components:
Inside: Made of high-quality, non-coloured peld and contains no toxic additives. It can be emptied completely without air infiltration, adapting to the different levels of filling, with the possibility of having it with tap or without.
Exterior: Made of corrugated cardboard with high thickness and offers the internal container, when filled, an optimum protection.

Double-distilled water

Chemical-Physical characteristics


TestUnit of MeasureResult
DescriptionColorless liquid
PH at 25 °c5 ÷ 7
Water conductivityΜS/cm<= 0.1></= 0.1>
Residue after evaporationPpm<= 1></= 1>
ChloridesPpm<= 0.1></= 0.1>
PhosphatesPpm<= 0.1></= 0.1>
NitratesPpm<= 0.1></= 0.1>
SulfatesPpm<= 0.1></= 0.1>
CaPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
CdPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
CoPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
CrPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
CuPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
FePpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
KPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
ThemPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
MgPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
MnPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
MoPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
NaPpm<= 0.1></= 0.1>
NiPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
PbPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
YesPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
SnPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
SrPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>
ZnPpm<= 0.01></= 0.01>

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