Reagents for Abacus Junior Vet 5

Abacus Junior Vet 5 Automatic analyzer for hematologic assays in a veterinary environment, preset and configured with reference values and linearity for 11 animal species. It allows the determination of 22 parameters with the screening of the leukocyte formula in percentage and in absolute value also of basophils and eosinophils (5 Part-Diff).


  • DILUENT DIFF EMV 1002 is a ready to use isotonic solution
  • LISE DIFF EMV 1021 is a ready to use hemoglobin lysating solution.
  • LISE VET EMV 2021 is a lyzing solution for the determination of basophils and eosinophils.
  • DETERGENT EMV 1058 is a ready-to-use hemoglobin cleaning/clearing solution.
  • RINSE EMV 2058 is a ready-to-use rinse solution.

How to install:

For the installation of the reagents, the line winding and the tool’s mode of use refer to the operating manual of the instrument in use. After each installation of a new batch, check the background, following the instructions given by the instrument’s Operating manual. Operate at the temperature indicated in the instrument’s Operating Manual.

Do not transfer the remaints from one container to another: operate according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in order to avoid any kind of contamination of the external environment towards the device, or from the device to the external environment.
When Installing the reagents for the first time, it is recommended to empty and rinse the line with deionized water, in order to avoid any type of reagent contamination that could impair the performance of the analytical system.

After the initial starting of the line, the base counts must be executed to verify that it falls within the limits specified in the Operating Manual. Check the calibration of the instrument.


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