Dead sea salts

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They are excellent salts for the health of the skin and the body thanks to their draining, antiseptic, moisturizing and soothing properties.

Dead Sea salts, allies of the skin

These salts come from the Israeli lake located in the central and deepest part of the Jordan valley, called the Dead Sea or Salt Sea. The waters of the Dead Sea have a large concentration of very precious active substances rich in minerals such as magnesium, bromide, potassium, iron, calcium, sulfur and iodine.
Since ancient times, the salts of the Dead Sea were known for their healing and detoxifying properties on the skin; these salts were used in the field of cosmetics to create beauty treatments with extraordinary powers.

Dead sea salts are rich in precious minerals

The substances contained in the salts of the Dead Sea allow to bring more oxygen to the cells and, thanks to a process called osmosis, favor the elimination of liquids, waste and toxins. Specifically, these substances are each characterized by a particular property:

  • Magnesium is known to accelerate metabolism and has a repairing power on the cells of the epidermis, maintaining their elasticity and fighting free radicals;
  • bromuro, noto per le sue capacità di alleviare l’acne;
  • potassium is useful against free radicals and is calming on the nervous system and muscle spasms;
  • Calcium, in addition to cleaning the pores of the skin, has remarkable antiseptic and protective properties of the tissues;
  • sulfur has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in collagen;
  • iodine is an excellent ally for regulating muscle and nerve functions and has many beneficial properties for teeth, hair, skin and nails.

Properties of Dead Sea salts

Dead Sea salts are known for their draining properties and for their beneficial action on the skin; they are in fact very useful for fighting water retention and cellulite but also for finding relief from dermatitis, urticaria and psoriasis.

Some of the best known properties of Dead Sea salts:

  • remarkable relaxing effect on the whole body thanks to the high presence of bromine, magnesium and potassium;
  • draining and anti-cellulite power;
  • improvement of the lymphatic system and toning of the circulation;
  • anti-inflammatory power on muscles and joints – a Dead Sea salt bath is ideal after intense sporting activity;
  • anti-inflammatory of the skin in case of itching, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, excessive dryness.



Magnesium chloride 31-35 %
Potassium chloride 23-30 %
Sodium chloride <=9 %
Calcium chloride <=0,5 %
Water 32-40 %
Sulfates <=0,2 %
Bromides <=0,6 %


Our Dead Sea salts are available in a 1 kg jar.

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