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We know the Pink Mosqueta Oil.

The Rose of Mosqueta oil is obtained by cold pressing of the seeds of a particular variety of rose originating in Chile, the Rosa affinis Rubiginosa, known just as Rosa Mosqueta. The product that is obtained is very tolerated and has elevated concentrations of vitamin A, E and C, essential fatty acids such as oleic acid and Omega 6 and finally, carotenoids.

Thanks to its rich composition, the Rosehip oil is made wide in the cosmetic field as an ally of beauty.

Cosmetic indications:

  • Wrinkles of face and neck: carotenoids, such as lycopene, and vitamin C contained in Rosehip Oil reach the deep layer of the epidermis and generate an increase in collagen and elasticity of the skin;
  • Stretch marks and scars: massaged on the affected areas until completely absorbed, prevents and reduces stretch marks, improves color and smoothes scars of different nature;
  • Dermatitis, erythema and Acne: Thanks to the retinol contained in the oil there is a clear improvement of these widespread skin disorders;
  • Dry skin: It has a high moisturizing power and also, it attenuates the itching typical of cracked skin;
  • Dandruff and flaking of the scalp: gives breath to the stressed scalp and attenuates the dandruff thanks to a simple pre-shampoo massage with a few drops of rosehip oil.

Warning: Rosehip Oil is a delicate product. It should be stored in a dry place and protected from sources of light and heat, in warmer periods it is preferable to store it in the refrigerator.

This oil is formidable if used pure directly on the skin but can also be employed as a component in a cosmetic preparation; Here’s a quick and easy DIY recipe!

DIY Recipe: Cream for dry and mature skin.


  • Shea Butter 50 GR
  • Pink Mosqueta Oil 20 gr
  • Argan Oil * 20 GR

In a clean and dry container We mix the shea butter, the Rosehip oil and the Argan oil with the help of the whips to obtain a silky and soft cream; Once the cream has been obtained we let it rest in the refrigerator all night long.

The nourishing Cream thus formulated is self-preserving, so it does not require the addition of preservatives, as it has no traces of water.

* As an alternative to Argan oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil can be used in the same quantities.

Composition: 100% pink moschata Seed Oil

Origin: Vegetable

This product

  • Not tested on animals
  • does not exhibit cosmetic allergens

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