Mare’s Milk

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Mare’s Milk 70 gr for 750 ml

Mare’s milk has been consumed for centuries in Mongolia in the form of Kumis, fermented mare’s milk, and it was known as a nutrient with great health benefits: it reduces the risks of heart disease and regularize digestion.

It is composed of a wide range of key nutrients such as proteins, lipids, sugars and vitamins. Comparing the milk of mare to the maternal one or to the bovine milk there are important differences: The protein content is about twice as much as the human breast milk and half of the cow’s milk. Another interesting difference is the casein/serum ratio. Caseins are known to be insoluble in the stomach and this involves their coagulation and, consequently, a slow digestion. The amount of casein is lower in the mare’s milk than in cow’s milk and that is why it is easier to digest.

In Addition to caseins in milk we find whey proteins, lactalbumin and lactglobulins. Among these, β-lactglobulin is of particular interest since several studies have shown that this protein is responsible for the allergy to milk. This Lactoglobulin is absent in breast milk and is present in a lesser proportion in mare’s milk compared to bovine milk.

Considering all the aspects that make mare’s milk very similar to breast milk, this can be used as an efficient substitute in the feeding of infants and children or for problems of digestion and intolerances.

The Mare’s Milk in the cosmetic field.

It Is known that milk proteins are able to act on skin hydration and skin ageing.

Phospholipids are almost non-existent in cow’s milk and human milk; In Mare’s Milk They account for about 5% of the total fat which is three times less than bovine milk and breast milk. The cell membranes of the corneum layer consist mainly of phospholipids and integrating them from the outside the effect is to have a more beautiful and healthy skin.

Cosmetic Indications

  • Calming for irritated skin and prone to itching
  • Moisturizing and Nourishing
  • Useful in the treatment of: Psoriasis, acne and eczema thanks to Lactoferrin

INCI: Equae Lac

Description: Whole Mare’s Milk in atomized powder

Nutritional Characteristics:

Energy Value: 205 kJ/100 ml

Caloric Value: 48 kcal/100 ML

Carbohydrates (g): 7.2/100ml

Lipids (g): 1.2/ML

Protein (g): 2.1/ML

Solids Content: 97% +/-1

Calcium 80 mg/100ml

Sodium 0.02 mg/100 ml

Vit D 0.6 μg/100 ml

Vit C 13.6 mg/100 ml


Time limit of consumption 18 months

To Be consumed in the month following the opening

Store at room temperature in a dry place

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