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Powder dyes for cytology and histology



ACID Red 112 6226-79-5
Certified Hematoxylin 517-28-2
Giemsa's Stain 51811-82-6
Safranine or 477-73-6
Orange G 1936-15-8
Azure to 531-53-3
Fast Green FCF 2353-45-9
Bismarck Brown Y 10114-58-6
Eosin Y 17372-87-1
Chromotrope 2r 4197-07-3
Carmine 1390-65-4
Aniline Blue, Water torrefacto 28631-66-5
Fuchsine S, Acid fuchsine O 3244-88-0
Brilliant cresyl Blue 81029-05-2
Biebrich Scarlet 4196-99-0
Bromophenol Blue Free Acid ACS 115-39-9
Sudan Black B Certified 4197-25-5
Bromocresol Green Free Acid ACS 76-60-8



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The chemical division of Pro-Eko S.R.L. It sells chemicals, food products for specific sectors, charcoal and nutraceuticals/supplements.

Vegetable charcoal, powdered for food use

Activated carbon, powdered for oenological use

In our online shop or on ebay you can find all our products on the list, you can request estimates for quantities different from those available or for products not present, we will send you a quotation in the shortest time possible.

In addition, Pro-Eko S.R.L. By providing customers with their own laboratories, they can at any time personalize and develop technologies and products on specific requests.

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