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Glycated hemoglobin
Pathological hemoglobin
Homocysteine Kit

The In Vitro diagnostic division of Pro-Eko Srl, is responsible for the production of in vitro diagnostics and wants to be the main reference partner for manufacturers of instruments, resellers, laboratories and clinicians to improve the efficacy Diagnostics in their fields of activity.

Mission of the Division is to integrate its competences in the biological and biotechnological field with the information provided by the customer, in order to formulate, produce and personalize the product.

With its experience, the Diagnostics division offers a wide range of reagents for small-sized (manual and semi-automatic) apparatus and automatic analyzers, in the human and veterinary field for hematology, electrophoresis, cytology/Histology and Hplc.

The company is certified with a Quality System ISO 9001:2015; Production procedures conform to the European Directive 98/79/EC concerning in Vitro diagnostic devices, the company is registered with the Ministry of Health as a manufacturer

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