Proeko SRL in vitro diagnostic and chemical reagents for third parties


Diagnostics Division

IVD: Hematology – Electrophoresis – Cytology/Histology

HPLC – Clinical Chemistry

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Packaging service for third parties


Chemical Division

Technical Products – Food additives

Laboratory Supplies

certificazione iso

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Certificate: 10C200E3-C28

Company Profile

Proeko Srl passion for chemistry since 1983

Proeko SRL, founded in 1983, is an Italian company specialised in the development, production and personalization of diagnostic third parties for analysis laboratories and hospitals. ISO 9001:2015 certified company whose directives guarantee to offer its customers compliance with the essential quality and safety requirements of the products. The range of products offered refers to analytical techniques such as hematology, electrophoresis, cytology-Histology, HPLC, to conclude with the new line of clinical chemistry reagents.
Proeko SRL Strong experience and technological endowment, in response to the need for companies that need a partner for the production and packaging of their products in outsourcing, is able to guarantee a service of packaging Professional, flexible, fast and economical, is this a short or long term relationship, also offering the management of shipments from its warehouse counting the costs of transport.
From 2015 the chemical division was born, oriented to the commercialization of technical products, nutraceutics, dietary supplements, offering its experience and professionalism matured in more than 30 years of activity.

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