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Our line of cytology and histology

The reagents of the histology cytology line meet all the phases of fixation, dehydration and rinsing, paraffin inclusion, staining and assembly, all important phases in cytologic and histological examination.

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The most common dyes are available ready for use.  All dyes are subject to strict quality controls, in order to ensure maximum reproducibility in the preparation. Available formulations of Hematoxylin-eosin in Papanicolau dyes for cytologic studies. The Include product line

De different kits: Gram kits, Kinyoun kits, Kit P.A.S., Differential Stain Kit, Mallory Kit, Kit Perls, Gomori tricromic Kit, Masson tricromic Kit, Van Gieson-Weighert kit, Ziehl Neelsen kit, Ziehl Neelsen Fite Kit, Mucicarminio Kit for cellular Biology.



Reagents products for this line are a series of fixatives, in various packaging formats, widely used, all produced through the most common techniques. As a manufacturer, we are able to produce reagents for histology cytology on customer's request, in specific formulations, for particular applications, in bulk and customised.


Dehydration solvents various types of alcohol, mainly ethanol, are part of different concentrations ready for use and other solvents suitable for this phase. The line includes the classics: Xthol, Lemonhist and other solvents, along with the Isohist, Xyl substitute, virtually no odor and much less dangerous.


The line proposes many types of uprights, Xthol uprights, indicated to be used together with the Isoparaffin. All these in order to ensure optimum preservation of the preparations over time. Pro-Eko S.R.L. It therefore offers a complete range of products for pathological anatomy, assuring the highest degree of safety and reliable results, in the histology processes, thanks to the high quality and precision of the histological cytology reagents, created Specifically for this use.