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Our line of clinical chemistry

Clinical chemistry, or clinical biochemistry, is a branch of laboratory medicine that deals with the study of biochemical alterations of a pathological nature. It is an aid to the services of clinical pathology, a medical specialty that collects and interprets analytical data from different specialist departments of laboratory medicine with the aim of being able to make a clear and precise diagnosis. Clinical chemistry is also a support to toxicology, as part of common biochemical determinations.

Currently, clinical chemistry is performed on automated analytical tools that use filters to select these wavelengths. In this way, by detecting the absorbed light and not, the instrument compares the datum with that of a calibration curve by returning a numerical value of the analyte.
The values are compared with reference values dependent on the method of analysis and developed under standard conditions by the World Health Organization. Most of the parameters are processed on the serum but some may also be read on a blood or plasma matrix.


Product Description


CC049 Uric acid Liquid Reagents
Enzyme-colorimetric uricase/POD
CC002 Albumin Liquid reagent
Colorimetric B-C-G
CC060 Alanine aminotransferase (GPT-ALT)
Reagents IFCC Kinetic colorimetric liquids
CC004 ALP (alkaline phosphatase) Liquid Reagents
Kinetic Colorimetric buffer Goddess
CC013 Amylase Liquid Reagent
Kinetic Colorimetric CNPG3
CC058 Aspartate aminotransferase (GOT-AST)
Reagents IFCC Kinetic colorimetric liquids
CC015 Bilirubin (direct) Liquid reagents
Jendrassik Modified
CC043 Bilirubin (total) Liquid reagents
Jendrassik Modified
CC014 Calcium Liquid Reagents
Colorimetric Arsenazo III
CC022 Calcium Liquid Reagents
Colorimetric CPC
CC025 CK-NAC creatinkinases Liquid Reagents
Kinetic colorimetric DHKC-IFCC
CC005 Chlorides Liquid Reagent
Colorimetric Mercury Thiocyanate
CC006 Total Cholesterol Liquid Reagents
Enzymatic Chod/POD colorimetric
CC029 Cholesterol HDL Reagents Liquids
Enzymatic Direct colorimetric
CC035 HDL Cholesterol PEG 6000 liquid reagent
Precipitant PEG 6000
CC030 LDL Cholesterol Liquid Reagents
Enzymatic Direct colorimetric
CC053 Cholinesterase Liquid Reagents
Kinetic Colorimetric butyriltioline
CC054 Creatinine Liquid Reagents
Kinetics Jaffè MoD.  Alkaline Picrato
CC034 Glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
CC036 Iron Liquid Reagent
Colorimetric β-Cromazurolo
CC037 Iron Liquid Reagents
Colorimetric ferene
CC010 Phosphorus liquid reagent
Molybdenum UV Blue
CC057 Fructosamine Liquid reagent
NBT colorimetric
CC031 GAMMA-Glutamyltransferase (γ-GT)
Reagents Szasz color Kinetic liquids
CC032 Glucose reagents liquids
Enzymatic colorimetric GOD/POD
CC051 Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) Liquid Reagents
Kinetic Optimized Kinetics
CC052 Magnesium Liquid Reagent
Xylidyl Blue Colorimetric
CC019 Homocysteine Liquid Reagents
CC 019.1 Homocysteine Liquid Reagents
CC041 Potassium liquid Reagent
CC012 Total Protein Liquid reagent
Colorimetric Biuret
CC050 Total urinary protein liquid reagent
Colorimetric Red pyrogallol
CC040 Sodium enzymatic reagents liquids
CC044 Triglycerides Liquid Reagents
Enzymatic colorimetric GPO-PAP
CC048 UREA UV Liquid Reagents
Kinetic UV-Urease-GLDH


CC066 CAL-H Human
High Level Calibrator
CC 066.10 CAL-H Human
High Level Calibrator
CC062 HDL/LDL Calibrator
CC061 HBA1C DIRECT Calibrator
Normal control Serum
CC 017.10 PRECISE Human N
Normal control Serum
Pathological Control Serum
CC 018.10 PRECISE Human P
Pathological Control Serum
CC067 Homocysteine NORMAL-HIGH control
CC069 HBA1C DIRECT Control 

Washing solution

CC063 Cuvette CLEANER 2%
Cuvette washing solution ready to use
End-of-work wash solution ready to use
CC065 CLEANER Concentrate
Concentrated washing Solution
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