Powder dyes for cytology and histology

These products are certified by the Organic Commission Stain (BSC). Among its many objectives, the Organic Stain Commission, located at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY, ensures the quality of dyes through independent testing, according to stringent chemical criteria and performance.

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May-Grunwald is a mixture of two dyes: eosin and methylene blue. The first is a pink/red coloration, the second a blue/purple coloration.

BSC Certificate Giemsa

GIEMSA is used as laboratory reagent and microscopy dye. It is used for the histopathological detection of malaria and other parasites such as spirochetes and protozoa.

CAS-N 51811-82-6
Bruta Formula: C14H14ClN3S
Molecular Weight: 291.80

Eosin Y Certified BSC

Eosin Y is a powdered dye that can be used to prepare eosin contrast colorings for Romanovsky techniques and to equip EA preparations.

CAS-N: 17372-87-1
Brute Formula: C2-HBR-Na2O
Molecular Weight: 691, 86

BSC Certified Hematoxylin

Hematossilin (C.I. 75290) is extracted from the Haematoxylum campechianum plant.

CAS-N 517-28-2
Synonym: Natural Black 1
Bruta Formula: C16H14O6 ยท XH2O
Molecular Weight: 302.28 (Anhydrous)

Azure A BSC Certificate

Azure A (C.I. 52005) used to come screening test for mucopolisaccarids. It can and should be used to stain lysosoma in blood smears.

CAS-N 531-53-3
Bruta Formula: C14H14ClN3S
Molecular Weight: 291.80

Polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine

The Iodine polyvinylpyrrolidone (CAS: 25655-41-8) is an amorphical hygroscopic powder with color varying from yellowish-brown to reddish-brown.

Brute Formula: C-H-I22NO
Molecular Weight: 364,953 g/mol
CAS-N: 25655-41-8

Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue Organic compound of the class of aromatic heterocyclic. It is used in many different fields.

CAS-N 61-73-4
Bruta Formula: C16H18ClN3S
Molecular Weight: 319, 86 g/mol

Orange G BSC Certificate

The Orange G (C.I. 16230) is a synthetic azidi dye widely used in histology and laboratory practice in molecular biology.

Bruta Formula: C16H10N2O7S2NA2
Molecular Weight: 452, 37 g/mol
CAS-N: 1936-15-8

Fast Green FCF

Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053) is used for the modified coloration of connective tissue in histological sesions.

CAS-N 2353-45-9
Brute Formula: C-H-N2222-S-
Molecular Weight: 808, 86 G/mol

Nutraceuticals and products for food use

The chemical division deals with the marketing of dyes and preserves for alimentary use accompanied by all the necessary technical and safety information, always in the food section it is possible to find and other products for nutraceutical use.

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