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Active Charcoal Bleach for oenology

Active carbon powder, microporous, for oenology with decolouring action.


  • Microporosity
  • High absorption capacity of smells and unpleasant flavors of wine
  • Low ash and heavy metal content


  • Strong affinity with odors
  • High duration of cycles
  • No release of color precursors

The product activated charcoal:

  • Has vegetal origins
  • Complies with European standard EN 12903 is to be considered a Food Grade product suitable for contact with Alimenati
  • Respects the levels of PHA (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) provided for by EN 12903:
  • Banzo (a) pyrene < 0.002 ppm
  • Benzo (b) fluoranthene < 0.002 ppm
  • Benzo (GHI) Perilene < 0.01 ppm
  • Benzo (k) fluoranthene < 0.002 ppm
  • Fluoranthene < 0.005 ppm
  • Indeno (1, 2, 3 CD) pyrene < 0.01 ppm

The discoloration concerns especially the agro-alimentary industries.

The active decolouring deodorant charcoal can be used:

• Discoloration and deodorant of the w
ine • Decolorization of the juices o
f fruttail activated charcoal represents a possibility to guarantee the obtaining of final products reflecting the desired organoleptic properties.

The reference relates to the organic impurities derived from the production of the active carbon itself and the quantities of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead contained in the activated carbon: the first practically nil, considering the temperatures They reach in the processes of physical or chemical activation; The second, determinable by analysis and attesting to the degree of purity and the t
ype of us
e. Main decolorization with activated carbons of a standardized solution of molasses is compared colorimetrically with the discoloration of a standard charcoal (photoelectric extinction measures).

With this method, the decolouring powers of different activated carbons are determined by time to time, under conditions reflecting the practice, which give an identical degree of discoloration.

Dosage in oenology of activated charcoal:

From 50 to 100 gr per HL per bleach action.

Dosage Tests and final check on the product are suitable for harvesting

Dissolves the product directly in the product

It is necessary to mix them well for maximum contact carbon particles/must.

For the very colored flowed or musts the doses increase.

Available formats:

  • Jar 500 GR
  • Jar 900 GR
  • Plastic bag 4 Kg
  • Paper Bag 20 Kg
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